Svatah Education Foundation


This course is all about banking. Covers a range of topics starting from the origin of banking to the rise of neo-banking, loans: both good and bad, and also talks about the power of compounding.  


  Module 1: What All Do I Need to Know About Banks?

  • What are banks?
  • Types of banks
  • Best savings account for you
  • Pick the suitable bank
  • Rapid Recap
  • Test : Module 1

  Module 2: How Can I Leverage New Ways of Banking?

  • Introduction to Digital India & Digital Banking
  • Importance of News Ways of Banking
  • How Banking is Evolving
  • Things to Beware Of In This Digital Age
  • Rapid Recap
  • Test : Module 2

  Module 3: The Loan Starter Pack

  • Meaning of Credit
  • Types of Loans
  • Learn By Doing: Components of a Loan
  • Understanding Interest
  • Rapid Recap
  • Test : Module 3

  Module 4: The Risk-Return Conflict and More

  • Debt Trap: Meaning & How to Get Out
  • Why to Start Investing Early?
  • The Risk - Return Trade Off
  • Learn By Doing
  • Rapid Recap
  • Test : Module 4