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This course touches base on a lot of crucial topics such as taxes, insurance, and investments and then moves on to some of the most interesting topics like stocks and mutual funds. 


  Module 1: How to Increase My Net Income?

  • Income.Expenses and Taxes
  • Asset Classes
  • Ways to Reduce Expenses - Government & Tax Benefits
  • Rapid Recap
  • Test : Module 1

  Module 2: What is Insurance & How Do I Pick the Right Scheme?

  • Meaning & Importance of Insurance
  • How Insurance Works
  • Test: How insurance works- modified dimensions
  • Why Insurance Claims May Not Be Honoured & What to do About It?
  • Rapid Recap
  • Test : Module 2

  Module 3: How to Start Investing: Mutual Funds

  • Meaning & Types of Mutual Funds
  • Ways to Invest: SIP Vs Lumpsum
  • How to Pick & Invest in Mutual Funds
  • Rapid Recap
  • How to Start Investing: Mutual Funds

  Module 4: How to Start Investing: Basics of Stocks

  • Stocks: Understanding The Basic Terminology
  • How to Invest in Stocks
  • Factors that Affect Stock Prices
  • The Basics of Picking Stocks
  • Rapid Recap
  • Test : Module 4